Supporting teams to continuously

deliver quality software.

Today you can not perform without Quality Assurance because it is part of the cradle of your success.


How do we future-proof your software?

Quality, that’s what it’s all about. When software applications are developed, they have to meet a whole set of requirements and specifications. Through Quality Assurance (QA) we guarantee that quality for you: by deploying Functional Analysis, QA scans, Test architecture and Test automation. This is how we design, check and guarantee that your software applications function reliably, efficiently and error-free.

  • We become part of your development team throughout the creation of your custom software.
  • We test or audit your new or existing application.

QA indispensable?

Today you can’t perform without Quality Assurance anymore because it is part of the cradle of your success. QA goes beyond avoiding bugs: optimal performance and improved user experiences also play an important role. Whether it’s launching a new website or mobile app, making e-commerce transactions run smoothly, rolling out mobile app updates, analyzing new features, or automating testing for efficiency, QA drives high-quality digital experiences. At Refleqt, we understand the value of QA and are dedicated to helping companies perfect their digital products.

How do we ensure your quality?

Test automation

Ciao manual testing, hello automated scripts and tools. This is how we quickly generate consistent test results for your project. To verify that an application is effective, we need to understand the functional as well as the non-functional requirements.


Before we start your project, we map out not only what the software should be able to do (functional analysis), but also how qualitatively it should do so (non-functional analysis). The latter includes things like response time, scalability, and reliability of the software application.


Our team consists of software test automation experts with a great sense of empathy. As a result, they always empathize with new domains so that the necessary capabilities of your application are clear. In addition, they can plug in at any time.

“QA all the way!”


Our QA services

Software Reliability

Increased quality and reliability of software. Fewer bugs and errors mean less unexpected downtime or problems for end users.

Cost Savings

When you prevent bugs early in the software development process, you prevent expensive corrective actions and post-release recovery costs.

Faster Go-To-Market

By proactively detecting all bugs and through efficient testing processes, you are guaranteed that your software will be delivered on time and on budget.

High customer satisfaction

Bug-free software ensures happy end users and a high score in the app store.

Improved risk management

Prevent software problems that could threaten business continuity or have legal consequences.

Our approach: from functional analysis to automated testing

We ensure via Functional analysis, QA tools, Test architecture, and Test automation that your software applications run smoothly. The result? You can focus carefree on your core tasks.

Functional analysis

Through functional analysis we understand each other better. By defining the functional requirements together, all parties agree on which functions the software application must offer and which goals it must achieve. That way, everyone – from analyst, to developer, to project manager – works toward a common goal.

QA & Test automation

Through QA and test automation, we analyze whether your software is running smoothly and without problems. How? Testing! Testing, testing and more testing: this is how we ensure that your software applications never get any surprises. Better safe than sorry, right?

“At Refleqt, we’re all about “Switch2IT.” Do you still have little or no experience, but a lot of desire to reorient yourself? Then you’ve come to the right place!”


Become a Refleqtor

Do you want to join the first line of defense in protecting software? Great, because you can! We are looking for people with a high technical affinity in the field of UX, performance, speed … But above all employees who understand the impact of quality software applications, because ultimately you are partly responsible for the final score that applications get in the appstore.

  • Refleqt is not a stuffy giant and welcomes everyone. Experience is not immediately necessary: QA is not a subject you learn in school, but one you make your own through experience. Our experts will be happy to teach you the tricks of the trade.