Test Architecture

We coach your team with training and best practices. This is how you keep your company futureproof!

In-house test architecture at your service

Quality Assurance sounds very logical in theory, but how do you put it into practice? Through our architects we offer you all the help and tools you need to take control of test automation and test processes. We coach your team with training and best practices. This way you keep your company future-proof!

How does a test architecture exercise work?

  • Identify Needs: First, we look at what your team needs: we evaluate existing test processes and automation efforts.
  • Training: We provide your team members with customized coaching on test automation tools, frameworks, methodologies, and best practices.
  • Tool selection assistance: We look at the team’s specific needs and suggest the right tools and technologies for test automation.
  • Strategy creation: We develop efficient test automation strategies with your team.
  • Sharing experience: Our experts share their best practices and establish guidelines around test automation, test scripting, test data management, and reporting.

The benefits

Better software quality

Your team receives guidance in test automation, which ensures efficient testing practices and thus better software applications.


A good test architecture ensures better knowledge sharing and transfer within the team, allowing everyone to grow.

Faster releases

You detect bugs earlier with a good architecture, so software delivery speeds up. This benefits both deadlines and budgets.

Scheme with the way of work for test

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