Functional analysis

At Refleqt, we’re specialized in continuous delivery. Our strength? A keen eye for detail and strong empathy to ensure quality.

From complexity to clarity with functional analysis

First-time-right successes start with functional analysis (FA). In software development, you need a clear plan of what software application should be able to do, why and how. Let our designated functional analysts help! They work with your team to map out the functionalities of the software application and help set up a plan to achieve those goals.

Through FA, you don’t sail blind: your team works purposefully to achieve a software design tailored to your needs. It builds confidence within the team. It also saves you money: you detect bugs proactively, making the go-live of your software application smooth and without surprises.

The advantages of Functional Analysis

  • Enjoy better software design: Functional analysis creates a clear picture of how your software application should be build and what key functionalities it should possess. Plus, it also clearly defines what tests are needed to verify that everything works.
  • Unambiguous acceptance criteria: During the functional analysis, agreements are made around the acceptance criteria. As a result, all parties are on the same page when the QA teams start testing.
  • Accurate costing: Because you know what you want to build, you can accurately calculate the cost of developing your software application.
  • Faster development process: All functionalities are clearly defined, so fewer changes or rework are needed later on. This saves time and costs.

The bridge between business and IT

A functional analyst gaps the bridge between your business processes and business needs. We provide peace of mind for all parties involved. Throughout the development process, we remain the product oracle and ultimately ensure that your application does what it needs to do.

Our approach

Analysis is typically always one iteration ahead of development. This way we identify in advance what needs to be developed. We always start from the goal of delivering high-end software. We therefore work closely with our other colleagues at Refleqt, specialists in quality assurance and test automation.

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