Test Automation

At Refleqt, we specialize in everything needed to implement continuous delivery. Our strength? Automated tool-, and language-independent testing.

The power of test automation

Test automation can be done in various ways, but most important is that software applications no longer need to be tested completely manually. This was the case in the early days of software development: testers used the software and manually simulated all kinds of interactions to detect errors in the software application. With test automation, this time-intensive scenario belongs to the past. More so, test automation allows you to run repeatable tests which increases the coverage of testing.

Therefore, with test automation, you save time: Scenarios are executed automatically. Plus, you can repeat those tests, which increases test coverage!

At Refleqt we have – besides a lot of experience in test automation – also the great advantage that we work language and tool independent. This means that depending on your project, we can choose the test automation tool that best suits the needs of your software application. As technological Switzerland, we also have the luxury of writing tests in the programming language most suitable for your project. This also creates the opportunity to choose open source tools, which is interesting for your budget.

The benefits of test automation

  • Faster test execution: you gain time in the development process.
  • Automated: you can repeat the tests without risk of employee fatigue. Result: reliable, consistent test results.
  • Long-term cost reduction: early detection of bugs in your systems allows you to achieve first-time-right successes faster.
  • Problems are addressed faster: the negative impact of bottlenecks are eliminated quickly.
  • Parallel testing: most test scenarios are run at once.
  • Compatibility testing: on different environments, browsers, and devices.
  • Faster go-to-market: you work with faster iterations, relieving your development team.
  • Clear reporting: you receive clear analysis of where and why the system crashes.

Our approach

We create a customized testing approach. We always choose a combination of the best aspects of manual and automated testing. Continuous, automated testing generates continuous feedback and guarantees up-to-date information to reassure your stakeholders. In addition, continuous feedback enables continuous integration.

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