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Test automation

Test automation is a first important part of Quality Assurance. Software gets frequent updates, which encourages inconsistencies. At the same time that software must be compatible with many different operating systems, browsers, devices, and networks… so, it’s understandable that sometimes it can’t keep up. Manually testing all your software applications is a hopeless task. Therefore at Refleqt, we put a lot of effort into test automation tools and scripts. This is how we guarantee the quality of your software and ensure that your software development remains robust, reliable, and compatible.

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The quality of your software applications is the key to success for your business. At Refleqt we get this, which is why we are your solid partner for the Quality Assurance (QA) of your software development. Our experts assist you through all the QA steps. We have tons of experience in test automation, performance testing, QA scans, Test Architecture, and functional analysis. Our experience benefits your business!

Functional analysis

When you have new software built, you want a first time right success. To guarantee that, it is best to plan a Functional analysis (FA) at the beginning of the development line. Measuring is simply knowing and for that you have come to the right place at Refleqt. Via our Functional Analysis service, we help you to map all desired functionalities of the software application. On top of that we support you in asking the right questions. Together, we create a structured and clear picture of how your software development should proceed.

Performance Testing

With performance testing, we evaluate several aspects of the performance of your software applications. We actively search for bottlenecks. That’s how we guarantee your software meets expectations, reaches acceptable performance levels, and maintains them. This way, we prevent your software applications from becoming slow, showing bugs, or crashing unexpectedly.

Quality Assurance scan

Let our experts examine your quality process with a Quality Assurance scan. During the scan, we take a close look at the entire test lifecycle of your software development. This research ensures that we detect every problem, challenge and vulnerability of your software applications. It allows us to design the ideal testing strategy to guarantee the quality, performance, and security of your software.

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Test architecture

Most IT professionals already have some QA knowledge from their education, but you only learn the real experience in the field. We are therefore happy to lend our expertise. Our Test experts guide you in setting up and implementing a customised QA strategy. Our experts will immerse your team in various QA processes, test automation solutions, CI/CD integration and performance testing. Does such a customized set-up sound like a win?

Analyze – Test – Boost

You want to speed up the launch of new applications? You want to get rid off all quality issues in your current development process? We base ourselves on a demo of your current application and organizational & architectural landscape. Depending on that, we start the dialogue with the appropriate organizational roles.

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