Quality Assurance scan

Shaping quality: the art of effective QA scanning

Quality Assurance

In a Quality Assurance scan, we are the analysts who scrutinize your entire quality process. On average, such a scan takes five days. We use the time to discover the test lifecycle process of your project or company. We need to understand the current situation in order to deliver customized solutions.

Once we have a good understanding of the current systems, we begin our proposal of the ideal testing strategy. We deliver you a strategy in a clear report describing all challenges and pain points. Examples of such pain points might include too little or no test automation at all. Or it could be a lack of CI/CD integration. In addition, a young team or outdated technology can sometimes play tricks too.

After identifying the stumbling blocks, we highlight the quick wins, plus all the suggested tests that we can help your company with. This gives you a clear picture of how and in what way we can optimize your processes.

Curious which roadblocks we’ll detect at your company?

Scan to improve

We offer a preliminary overview of some specific pain points that a QA scan can bring to the surface:

  • Differences in process execution.
  • Shortcomings in test procedures and quality standards.
  • Morale and communication problems.
  • Incorrect risk analyses.
  • Insufficient support for strategies.
  • Outdated systems and technological lag.
  • Not compatible with various browsers, devices or operation systems.

Do you recognize these pain points?

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