Networking & learning central at Spanish QA event VLC testing

Our QA reporter reports


At the end of September, our Spanish colleagues participated in the VLC testing event: a large software festival with a particular focus on Quality Assurance (QA).

There were more than 1,100 participants and 25 different sessions to sharpen everyone’s knowledge. Xplore Group Spain, and Refleqt Valencia in particular, could not miss out. Professionals from all over Spain – and by extension Europe and Latin America – came together to exchange insights on software quality.

Pepe Feliu, one of our QA engineers, provided us a clear report. We are happy to share his insights.

QA Engineers are indispensable to the success of projects

“During the event, we met fellow bug hunters. It were two very inspiring days where we shared stories with each other about our determined efforts to keep quality high. We also learned about the latest QA trends, which are seamlessly connected to the advanced capabilities of AI and performance.”

“The sessions on Day 1 focused on creating an environment where quality is always a priority. For this, the shift-left approach emerged as a crucial course of action. This approach aims at ensuring quality from the start of a project by involving QA in the earliest stages of System Development Life Cycle (SDLC).”

“A vital role is played by enterprise management. Without their support and leading role, you may encounter resistance from some departments. As a QA engineer, you play a central role in this transformation: by equipping teams with the necessary tools and by providing adaptable processes. Experience tells us that initial reluctance is often replaced by fascination. This in turn leads to improved quality and efficiency.”

“Later sessions focused on the crucial role of quality assurance in an increasingly technology-dependent world. Daily online transactions now require flawless precision to ensure and maintain user trust.”

“During the lunch break, we enjoyed the opportunity to network with other participants. Discussions were not avoided in the process. Possibly the delicious paella for lunch had something to do with that…”

QA & AI to optimize testing experiences

One of the talks standing out on Day 2 was about testing ChatGPT-based applications. We can’t ignore it: the integration of AI is increasing. As a result, the importance of quality assurance of these technologies is also increasing. Accordingly, one of the lectures provided clear insights into how ChatGPT functions. It discussed the API used and how it handles different prompts, even in different ChatGPT versions.”

“The discussion then shifted to the best methods for testing these prompts to ensure they work as expected and are understood correctly. This includes different types of testing, from functional testing to UX. They pointed out the need for new, more powerful tools. The presentation ended by stressing the importance of testing ChatGPT applications extensively. This is a necessity as these types of apps become more prevalent.”

Networking and new QA insights

“Our participation in the VLC Testing event was a valuable experience. It gave us the opportunity to network with fellow professionals who share the same commitment on quality. In addition, it reinforced our commitment to immaculate quality and excellence.”

In the meantime, we hear nothing but enthusiasm to apply newly learned insights. We are already looking forward to the findings of the 2024 VLC Testing event!

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