The Refleqt team was a guest in a Belgian TV show

Refleqt on their unique services and QA challenges


Refleqt was a guest on “Alle zaken op een rijtje” by Kanaal Z, the Belgian television channel specialized in economic reporting. We talked about the unique services Refleqt provides to a wide range of business sectors: from e-commerce, automotive, banking and insurance, to pharmaceuticals.

All those sectors face specific QA challenges, but they have 1 common factor: software issues. We identify bottlenecks at our customers and provide the necessary tools to solve software challenges to increase customer satisfaction, improve operational efficiency and minimize risks.

How do we ensure the quality of your software?

Everyone wants reliable, efficient, and error-free software, but usually this course does not run in a straight line. It is often a bumpy road with updates, bugs and synchronization errors throwing a spanner in the works. So, what do you do on a challenging trail? You take a good travel guide. Our QA experts and functional analysts are those trusted sherpas with tons of experience in the QA landscape. We like to list why it’s so important to bet on QA during your software development.

1. First-time-right principle

From the start of the software development process, we strive for the highest possible level of quality. This is important, because there is a huge difference between a rating of 3 out of 5 in an app store and one of 4 out of 5. Think of it as a first encounter: the rating of your app creates a first impression of your software application among users. And there’s only one chance to make a good first impression.

This is why we make sure that the quality of your software applications stands out from the very first time. To do this, we engage our functional analysts. They work with the customer to create a clear picture of which functionalities the software must provide. Then we offer help in setting up a plan to achieve your goals. Read: which tests you need to provide to ensure the quality of your software.

2. End-user centricity

There is a wide range of applications available today. This means that today’s end users are looking more critically at the quality of their application. They want user-friendly, intuitive, and secure software developments. Therefore, in test automation, we always put the end user at the center. We use automation tools and scripts to test all kinds of interactions with the software. In this way, we detect errors and bugs in the software early in the development process, allowing these challenges to be addressed proactively. The result: an optimized user experience.

3. Reduce costs, time, and risks

Less development time means less costs. Less manual testing means less human errors. Therefore, test automation is a good tool to use from the start of your development process. It allows you to detect bugs at an early stage in your systems. This is beneficial for cost recovery: because fixing a bug at the beginning of software development costs less money and effort than bugs upon the release of the software.

4. Team of independent testers

We work according to the 4-eyes principle, because our QA experts see more with four eyes than with two. An additional advantage is that our testers are independent. This means that they look at the software application without bias. So, you get an objective assessment of the software application where defects do not go unnoticed.

How do we start QA projects.

We like a consistent approach. We start every QA project with an intake meeting. All our cases are unique and there are no ‘one size fits all’ solutions. Especially since we operate in very diverse industries: banking and insurance, e-commerce, automotive and pharmaceuticals. These are industries each with their specific requirements and challenges.

The next step is to set up a proof of concept (PoC). We carefully analyze the problem and provide the best possible customized QA services. In the process, we often encounter cutting edge technology from our customers. Our IoT insurance case is a great example of this.

At Refleqt, we strongly believe in language and tool independence. High-quality software simply must be accessible to everyone.

Then the implementation of the actual project begins. For this, we work closely with the client’s development team. We quickly engage our test automation processes so that we generate quick feedback loops towards development.

As an end point, we focus strongly on after care. We do not leave developers to their fate at the end of a project, but we ensure a solid transfer of our knowledge. We supplement this by training people internally at our customer, so they can continue the test automation processes successfully on their own two feet.

One of Refleqt’s great strengths is that we strongly believe in working language and tool independent. It is our belief that quality should be accessible to everyone: from start-up to multinational. We therefore offer customized testing solutions that fit the specific needs and scale of each company. Why? High quality software development should be possible for everyone because quality that’s what Refleqt is all about.

Curious about our services?

Smooth, reliable software: something for you? Let us help. Our QA automation engineers, and functional analysts are happy to advise and assist you.

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